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Our history



This project was created as a familiar idea. Great ideas often arise by chance, but mostly was just a big dream. Thus, was born this project that changed our course; since we had the plot, but we knew nothing about agriculture or animals. What we had was more passion, energy and desire to take advantage of this beautiful place. In that search, and with the desire to give our children a healthy and pure outdoor life is born "Granja El Molino". On the way we went realizing that we already had many species of animals; only need to organize and give it a tourist center. That’s how we could start this beautiful project to participate with many more families to share our love for nature and animals.

Since the beginning of this dream have passed fifteen years. And now we have experience to offer you a great stay in this beautiful farm of the Culiprán.

Throughout this time we have been moving forward step by step, with great confidence as we have clear what our goals are. Furthermore, working in family and sharing common efforts of each of us, which fills us with pride and joy.

During this time, the farm has managed to gradually position itself as a real offer of agrotourism in the local market, thanks to its excellent standard of equipment and personalized attention from their owners.


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Contact and Values

9 98969488 – 9 6236 0184

Entry price to The Farm
$3.500 Adults
$2.500 Children

Entry Price Pic-nic Zone (all day)
$5.000 Adults
$3.000 Children

Entry price to Heated Pool
$7.000 Adults
$5.000 Children

Bed and Breakfast

Entry price to BMX Track
$6.000 Adults
$4.000 Students (students card)
$3.000 Children

Our team

It consists on a family team, who will attend and make you feel like at home in a pleasant environment that invites you to enjoy each of the attractions of "Granja El Molino".


Veronica Carrasco H 


Natalia Rocha C. 


Veronica Rocha C. 


Felipie Rocha P. 

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