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Sport´s Zone

In these moments the tracks of bicycle and motorcycles are in maintenance.

In Granja El Molino, we live the adrenaline in first person, because we have circuits for bikes (MTB and BMX) with different levels of difficulty for children and adults. Where you can enjoy the journey from the basics, for those who are starting in these extreme disciplines or expert level for the most experienced (we have a line of Dirt and other descent, which ends Pumptrack. Our Motocross track, features a course that can be enjoyed by different levels, depending the Rider (both tracks were developed by renowned media professionals in various disciplines) all framed in a relaxed, pleasant and familiar environment for speed, tracks and 2 wheels freaks!.

Motocross Track

The new motocross track has climbs, plateau, double, cambers, planar curves.
The great motocross track is an attraction for the population weekends gather to participate or observe the skills that are organized in the sector. The excitement is intensified when the rains made the track more interesting and filled with natural obstacles. The environment and landscape accompany to enjoy this outdoor activity.

2nd Date Farm MX El Molino JAM

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